The expert team at Blitz Cleaning explain the benefits of having your oven professionally cleaned, especially after a period of heavy use like Christmas.

1) Improve the lifespan of your oven

If you let food and grime build up, you could be affecting how well your oven runs. This could impact on cooking times, affect the taste of your food, and even increase the risk of kitchen fires. During a period of heavy use like the festive season, it’s more likely that food spills will have been missed or not attended to as quickly as they should have been. You’re probably not the only one who needs a bit of extra TLC after cooking the Christmas dinner, so why not book your oven in for a professional clean today?

2) Save yourself the time and hassle

Because of their dizzying fumes, DIY oven cleaning products can be unpleasant to use. It can also be tricky to work out the best time to clean the oven yourself. Because the process takes time, during which your oven will be out of action, it requires careful planning to minimise the disruption to your family mealtimes.

With a professional oven clean you don’t need to worry about any of that. We use gentle yet effective cleaning equipment, and your oven will be ready to use as soon as we’re done.

3) Save money when you book an additional cleaning service

You know what they say – tidy home, tidy mind! If you want to start the new year with a spotlessly clean home, why not take a look at the other services we provide? We offer a 10% discount when you book any two services at the same time, so why not take advantage and dive into 2021 feeling refreshed and revitalised? You could have your carpets deep cleaned or even go for the full works with our complete house cleaning service!

Book a professional oven cleaning service in Essex

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