Give your carpets the love they deserve by treating them to a professional carpet clean. With so many benefits to take advantage of, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!


1) Enjoy a more attractive carpet

You may think your carpet looks clean but you’ll be truly amazed by the transformation after our professional carpet cleaners have been. That’s because we use the latest technology and cleaning products that not only clean the surface of the carpet but get deep down into the fibres to lift away dirt and grime.


2) Spend more years with your carpet

From the moment you lay your carpet down, minuscule bits of dirt, debris and germs get trodden into the pile which, bit by bit, wear away at the fluffy fibres and make it old and worn. While regular vacuuming does help slow this process, there’s nothing more effective than treating your carpets to a professional clean to increase its life – meaning you and your carpet can spend many more years together.


3) Make your home a healthier place

It’s not just bits of dirt that are lurking in your carpet. Allergens love to set up home in your carpet which can get released into the air as you walk, causing allergies to flair up and can even set off respiratory issues. Professional carpet cleaning will safely lift these nasty particles away, leaving you with wonderfully clean air.


4) Kill germs and bacteria

The number of germs and bacteria found in the carpet of the average family home is astonishing, especially in those households with pets! We’re able to kill and blast away these potential threats to the health of your family thanks the cleaning products and hot water we use in our innovative carpet cleaning machines.


5) Say goodbye to your carpet stains

Take one last look at the strange shape your coffee spill created on your carpet because with our specialist carpet cleaning service, we’ll be eliminating all the marks, stains and spills from your carpet!


6) Show off your style

You may have spent hours or even days perfecting the interior design of your home but the effect will be lost if your carpet is looking a little worse for wear. So to ensure your hard work gets the recognition it deserves, give your carpets a brand new lease of life by treating them to a professional clean.


7) Eliminate odours

Wondering what’s causing that musty smell in your house? It’s probably the carpet that hasn’t been properly cleaned in a while! Dirt and debris from shoes, feet, food, clothes, the dog and the cat can easily become trapped in the long fibres of your carpet and are hard to remove completely with just a vacuum. Eventually they will start to smell so to keep your home smelling wonderfully fresh, call in our professional carpet cleaners today.


Book your carpet clean today

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