Blitz Domestic Cleaning Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully these will apply to all of our cleaning services which we provide. It is the policy of Blitz Cleaning to enforce its Terms of Agreement in the event of any dispute.
Our Terms and Conditions represent a contract between Blitz Cleaning and you the client/company and will come into force once an agreed booking has been made on specific work to be undertaken.
The client is the person whose details we take at the time of the quote/booking either via our website, Facebook, email or telephone booking.
You agree that any services that Blitz cleaning provide shall constitute your acceptance of our Terms of Agreement.
Blitz Cleaning reserve the right to change any condition or wording of these Terms and Conditions without notice.
All staff under-go training prior to commencing any work to a standard Blitz Cleaning are happy with. We do not employ the cleaners. All the cleaners are self- employed and the payment of tax and NI as a vetted independent person is their own responsibility.
We ask the client to allow access to the cleaner to hot water and power.
Our staff work in teams of two and the total hours of your clean is split between them but will add up to your allocated time booked.
Blitz cannot guarantee an exact arrival time at which its staff will attend your property on the day your service is due but will give an estimate if requested.
Blitz cleaning staff will complete all agreed cleaning tasks that have been agreed beforehand any extra tasks should be requested and booked at least 48hrs prior to your booking by telephone or Email. Extra supplementary tasks may be chargeable extras due to time, labour or extra products that may need to be used.
Before and after photographs will be taken of all work undertaken for quality assurance purposes. At times we may like to use these photos for advertising purposes and in these cases we will always ask permission from our clients first to use such photography in line with our data protection policies no client’s information will be used or shared.
Any complaints after cleaning should be notified to us by phone or email within 12 hours and we ask our clients to take photos of any work that is going to be disputed and sent via email to
Blitz do not give refunds but we will rectify if justified.
All Domestic payments are to be made on the day that the cleaning service is provided, payment can be made by cash, into our account or a card payment can be taken by ringing the office within office working hours 9-3pm.
If payments are not made on time we reserve the right to charge a small admin fee.
Blitz cleaning price is subject to review at any time as are our payment terms.
We will send a reminder for payments owed and if after so many attempts of non- payment we reserve the right to take this to our debt collector agency to recover costs which could incur an extra cost to you the client.
If you the client would like to terminate a regular scheduled clean we do require 14 days’ notice by email or phone.
Cancellations or re-arrangements to any scheduled regular service we provide, we ask you to give us at least 7 days’ notice by phone or email (This is not to be organised with our cleaning staff) if we do not receive 7 days’ notice the full amount will be chargeable, even if the work has not been undertaken.
If we arrive at your property within the agreed time slot of your booking and are unable to gain access to a property or carry out the service that has been booked due to circumstances beyond our control or the clients failure to make a suitable alternative, we will wait the maximum of 10 minutes. We will try to contact you on the telephone number provided but if we are still unable to gain access to the property we reserve the right to charge 100% of the agreed cost.
Blitz provide no services between the, 23rd December to the first working day after New Year’s Day.
Any deposits taken for one off cleans or end of tenancy cleans are non-refundable.
Health and Safety and security
Blitz staff are forbidden to provide any cleaning services that are at height or require the use of ladders, unless this is pre-booked with staff that have had training in working at heights and this is being conducted using blitz equipment.
Blitz cleaning hold a Chas certification accreditation and to protect our staff they are not allowed to enter an environment they may consider dangerous or a hazard, all problems are to be reported immediately to the office. In this event the client will be charged the full amount for the service.
Blitz cleaning Staff are not permitted to carry any Bleaching product within their kit or carry Bleaching product around a Clients property. Bleaching products will only be used at a client’s request and at a client’s own risk and is not covered by our insurance. Blitz Cleaning staff are not to move heavy furniture that may cause personal injury or damage to floors/carpets if moved. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure our staff have a clear, tidy access to the property being cleaned.
Blitz cleaning provide absolute security for your key and private data at all times in line with the current data protection legislation.
In the event of keys proven to be lost, we will make suitable arrangements as soon as reasonably possible
Any claims for keys are capped at £60.
Blitz cleaning company is an equal opportunities employer. We employ all our staff on the basis of their ability to do the job and we aim to ensure all our staff are treated equally regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or marital status.
Blitz cleaning company has public liability insurance and employee’s liability insurance
Damages to property should be reported immediately in any event. In the event of any damages as a result of negligence, both parties, the liability of Blitz cleaning shall be limited (At the discretion of Blitz cleaning company ltd) to repair or the replacement cost of the item, the age and condition of the item will be taken into account. Blitz cleaning company shall not in event be liable for any loss of profit or consequential loss.
Blitz cleaning company will not be liable for any liability caused or arising from: Damage to windows, articles of glass, porcelain, stone or items of a brittle nature or inadequately installed equipment.
Blitz cleaning company ltd will not be accountable or chargeable for any losses, claims, expenditure or fees incurred should we be unable to complete a booking or bookings for any reason such as not enough time being booked by clients to complete a property. Blitz cleaning company will always give a quote and an estimate of what time is needed.

Blitz Cleaning staff provide all their own equipment and are instructed not to use any client’s appliances unless this has been arranged prior with the office if requested by the client as we do not cover costs of damages to clients cleaning equipment.

Free parking from 2 to 8 hours is very essential. If parking facilities cannot be provided for our staff we will not be able to provide you with our cleaning service.
If you need to pay and display the client will need to pay for the parking as a part of our service.

Website General Terms
We retain all the rights to all material used that appears on our website, including text and images. Such materials can be downloaded but only used for your own personal use.
We endeavour to make every effort to keep all information and material on our website up to date and accurate but information can change so we cannot guarantee that all information is always fully complete.
Personal data to our customers will only be used in accordance to the current data protection legislation. We will not pass on your personal information to any other company without your prior written consent.
We may from time to time use information that does not personally identify you for marketing purposes or for evaluation purposes to improve the services we offer for example collecting data of how many visitors visit our page, what time of day and for how long they are looking at our web page. This data is usually collected through traffic data and may entail the use of cookies or ip addresses.