Carpet cleaning machine vs professional service

which method is best?

Carpet cleaning machine or professional carpet cleaning service?

As a homeowner or business owner, there will eventually come a time carpets need a good clean. When that time comes, there are only two real options: doing it yourself or hiring a professional carpet cleaning team – but which is more cost-effective?

Our professional carpet cleaners in Essex are here to ensure you get the absolute best value for money when it comes to carpet cleaning, offering expert help and advice along the way. Read on to find out whether you’d benefit more from hiring a carpet cleaning machine, or simply booking a carpet cleaning service…

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equipment power

It’s a well-know fact within the industry that domestic carpet cleaning machines, whether hired or purchased, simply don’t have the power of a professional carpet cleaner’s machinery; ultimately leading to less effective jobs. Professionally used machines have superior steam injection, heat and suction, all of which mean that a professional will get your carpets cleaner, leaving them more hygienic – it is no coincidence that these machines are generally heavier, bigger and a lot more expensive!

Standard of results

Rented cleaning machines are designed to help clean minor carpet stains and aren’t able to tackle deeper dirt, odours or major stains – they are also used and passed around by wide array of other people who have previously used them to clean their carpets, which means clogged brushes and a less effective clean. Professional machines are cleaned and cleared before every job – ensuring a more hygienic and effective clean with every single service.

trained vs untrained eye

Sadly, when renting carpet cleaning machines, it is extremely easy to get things wrong. Over-wetting the area, damaging the carpet fibres, using the wrong solution or overly long drying times can leave your carpet smelling musty, looking bleached and mottled or feeling rough to the touch – all problems which DIY carpet cleaning jobs are just naturally prone too.

Our professional carpet cleaners at Blitz, for example, know exactly how much water to add, how quickly they need to move, and the perfect chemical mix – not to mention they are trained on how to deal with carpet fibres and immediately spot even the slightest issues.




Best value for money from blitz professional carpet cleaning service

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ service, which is why we tailor our methods to suit your carpets and requirements. If you want to ditch the potential back ache inducing, time consuming task of DIY carpet cleaning and want to give your carpets the best shot at a longer life for an affordable price then contact our team today on 0800 112 3337.


“We had our oven cleaned and carpets shampooed/ cleaned today and the oven looks brand new and the carpets are soft and fluffy again! Great price too cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you!”
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