With the winter season closing in on us, it is a time to consider what state our gutters are in. When thinking on the topic of gutters and gutter cleaning, there are many questions that come to mind. This blog post aims to answer the frequently asked questions that are raised when it comes to gutter cleaning.

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Gutter cleaning in the U.K. is something that is important to be maintained thanks to our unpredictable, and usually dreary weather. Realistically you should be checking if your gutters need cleaning a minimum of four times a year, based purely on the change in season. However any unexpected weather changes or changes to your building mean it is important to check your gutters.

So … when is the best time to get your gutters cleaned? The most crucial time to have your gutters cleaned would be at the end of the autumn season, as this is when all of the natural debris you expect in the autumn period (leaves, twigs, moss) has fallen. As soon as the wet weather starts to settle in, this is when it can cause trouble for unclean guttering. This is what leads to blockage and ultimately damage to your gutter. Some key characteristics that could lead to your gutters needing more frequent cleaning would be based on how old the property is, the age of the guttering itself, the surroundings of your property (trees near the property), and as mentioned above, changes to the weather.

Ideally though, you should have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. This should be once in the autumn and once in the spring. You should also have your gutters cleaned if you notice any sagging, bowing or the gutter pulling away from the building- these are tell tale signs that your gutter is due a clean.


A typical gutter cleaning company will charge per metre of the property for a gutter cleaning service. A professional gutter cleaning service typically includes a clean out and vacuum.

So how much does gutter cleaning cost? Well a professional gutter cleaner or gutter cleaning services can cost anywhere between £15 – £40 per metre and most professional gutter cleaners require a minimum call out charge which varies a lot between companies, the average is £70-£100. Most houses are around 6 metres wide so the cost of cleaning gutters professionally would be an average of £150 for the average sized house.

You can partake in some DIY gutter cleaning, however due to safety concerns this is rarely advised.


In short – yes! The issues that a clogged gutter can cause can be extremely detrimental to your building. On a surface level it doesn’t seem like such an extreme issue to be a top priority when considering what maintenance needs to be done to your home in time for the winter months. However, with the cost of living crisis escalating, most homeowners really cannot afford for their homes to be invaded by the complex issues of excess moisture entering your home, causing damp and even lead to flooding. Another thing to note is that in the winter the water can freeze which can cause detrimental structural issues to your property. Maintaining a clean gutter means that the gutter needs to be free-flowing to avoid the damage that is caused by ice and snow build-up, on top of the autumn foliage and moss that often builds up in our gutters during the build up to winter weather. Poor gutter maintenance can also lead to insect infestations!

Blocked or faulty gutters that lead to water ingress can also invalidate your home insurance! This is because cleaning your gutter system is considered standard property maintenance that a homeowner is expected to carry out. Any damage caused by a home owner neglecting this standard level of maintenance will not be covered by home insurance.


Gutter cleaning is considered a dangerous task as most of the work is done at height. The average height of a single storey house gutter is about 3.3 metres, and gutters on a 2 storey house are on average 5.7 metres high.

It is recommended that you get the help of professional gutter cleaning companies because of the risk involved. These professionals have the correct safety training and insurance to allow them to work at height. Some professional gutter cleaners use specialist equipment such as gutter vacuums which allow them to safely clean your gutters at ground level. Professional gutter cleaners will have the proper equipment to clean clogged gutters safely.


Parapet gutters – this is a drainage channel for flat roofs with parapet walls. This type of gutter will channel water through a gap in the wall and down into a downpipe.
Valley gutters – this is essentially just lengths of metal flashing which are installed along a junction where two roofs meet, and are also used for when there is a change in roof direction.
Eaves gutters – these are the type of gutters that go on the edge of the roof and they channel water into a downpipe and this water is then deposited to a drain. These types of gutters are the most common when it comes to homeowners and require regular gutter cleaning.


Yes! Blocked or faulty gutters that lead to water ingress can also invalidate your home insurance. You wouldn’t be accepted for a claim should your house experience damage caused by bad weather via the home’s drainage system. Another reason why it’s important to have your gutter properly cleaned and maintained.

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