Communal Area Cleaning Services

Blitz Cleaning is also fully qualified to clean and maintain communal areas in blocks of flats or apartment buildings. This includes:

Carpet cleaning
Skirting board cleaning
Amongst many other requirements you may have Blitz can do it all.

We offer competitive rates on services and can attend at intervals determined by you, whether it be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. Having your communal areas cleaned by Blitz Cleaning is a great way to ensure that any guests to the flats/apartment buildings are welcome to a clean, fresh environment. The entrance and hallways will be the first things guests see so by keeping it spotless this will provide a welcoming atmosphere that can continue the entire time they visit your premises. Keeping the communal areas clean is great for ensuring that you keep away any pets or rodents that may find their way in. Allowing pests or rodents to live in or around your building can cause concern for those living and visiting the premises.

For any further information or even to discuss pricing or frequency options, give Blitz Cleaning a call today!