Our team of residential and commercial cleaners in Essex is helping to ensure families and workplaces stay safe in the fight against Covid-19, offering a full sanitisation service which cleans all surfaces. We use a sustainable cleaning solution known as an Ozone generator, which is perfectly safe (even for little ones!) but guarantees full sanitisation.

One of the key benefits of our Ozone sanitisation system is that your office or workplace will be safe for employees to return to just 45 minutes after the deep clean is complete – don’t let a case of coronavirus put your entire team on hold, book today!

What is an Ozone Generator?

An Ozone Generator is a portable air sanitising machine which eliminates odours by breaking up the molecules that cause them. This machine works as a natural sanitising agent that kills most bacteria, pathogens, and most importantly right now – viruses.

Anti-viral deep cleaning

The Ozone Sterilisation unit is used to kill bacteria and viruses worldwide. It has been tested and successfully used to kill 99.9% of bacteria such as:

• E-Coli
• Swine Flu
• Salmonella

Ozone sterilisation deep cleans are one of the main cleaning methods to combat the coronavirus. This sanitisation method is highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and odours. Whilst some strains of bacteria and viruses can develop resistance to certain chemical disinfectants, they cannot develop resistance to Ozone.


How do we use Ozone?

At Blitz cleaning, we are dedicated to investing in the best cleaning technology to ensure a high standard of clean which will leave you with gleaming results as well as peace of mind that your property is safe. By using this incredibly efficient sterilisation solution, the Blitz cleaning specialists – who are all fully trained to use these machines – can be as effective and efficient as possible when cleaning your property, eliminating any existing trace of coronavirus.

This procedure ensures that all areas of a room are decontaminated from the floor to the ceiling as the product omitted surrounds all surfaces and touchpoints. The sterilised area will be ready for normal business operations or otherwise, just 45 minutes after the sanitisation has been carried out – without any smell, residue, or moisture.

Our Ozone sanitisation and deep cleans are available for both commercial and residential customers, so whether your workplace has suffered from cases of coronavirus or you simply need a deep clean for your peace of mind, call us on 0800 112 3337 to book today.