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Marshall Accredited Driveway Services

“The Marshalls Register of Accredited Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers is a national network of recommended professionals. Although they are not employed by Marshalls, they agree to abide by our own installation guidelines and are all vetted by Marshalls assessors. We monitor our registered members who are checked regularly by our network of regional assessors.”

Blitz Cleaning services can do more than just give your home a quick spruce up, now fully Marshall accredited we can carry out a wide variety of driveway services. A driveway cleaning routine is the best way to make your driveway stand out year after year. Take a look around your local neighbourhood and you will easily see who takes pride in the appearance of their home and driveway and who may not. If you feel like you’re somebody who doesn’t have the time to take care of your own driveway then look no further. Blitz Cleaning can take on all sorts of driveway and patio jobs, including:

Driveway cleaning, including jetwashing
Regardless of if your driveway has been laid with block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, gravel or resin bound stone, it will need to be regularly cleaned. With the exception of gravel, the standard approach will be to sweep the area first to ensure any debris is removed. Blitz will then use our specialist skills to remove any moss that may be growing between the gaps or any shady areas of your driveway. Finally, we will jet wash the whole area to make your driveway look pristine again and certainly somewhere you’d be proud to park your car! We can even deal with driveways that are entirely gravel laid. Raking your driveway once a week, and removing the sticks, leaves and general debris will keep your driveway looking great but for bigger jobs or gravel replacement Blitz Cleaning will be able to help with this.

Driveway restoration and repairs
Being Marshall accredited we are fully prepared to take on any and all driveway restoration and repair work. From replacing broken or cracked bricks in block paving to drainage and even brand new driveway installations. Ensuring your driveway is properly drained is essential to stop a build-up of moisture or damp underneath the blocks which can cause weakness and may result in your driveway collapsing. At Blitz Cleaning, we know how important it is to ensure your driveway is correctly set up to keep it level under heavy weight, and because of this only use the best materials and install any new driveways for you to the Marshall accredited driveway standard. The last thing we want is an unsafe driveway and we can come and give your driveway an assessment for restoration to bring it up to Marshall Standard.

Oil spills and driveway resealing
Depending on what sort of driveway you have, Blitz Cleaning deal with oil spills differently. Generally, a mild detergent-based cleaning solution like washing up liquid will be used to clear the stain and then appropriate action will be taken to reseal your driveway, if required, and then perform our cleaning service. If you find oil has spilt on your gravel driveway the easiest way to remedy it is to simply pick up the affected gravel and replace it. You should never replace gravel on your drive with other parts of your driveway as this can result in weak spots on your driveway and affect the whole structural integrity.

Next time you’re getting in the car, or going out for a walk – take a look at your driveway. If it looks like it could do with some TLC don’t delay, and give us a call today to discuss all of our packages and to discuss any Marshall accredited works you may require.