As well as being a time-consuming job, a full end of tenancy clean can quickly become expensive – even if you do it yourself. You’ll need to get hold of specialist cleaning equipment, including a carpet cleaner, upholstery shampoo, and cleaning fluids, as well as cloths, scourers and spray bottles. You’ll probably find that doing it yourself isn’t as cost-effective as you might have first thought.

It’s important to do a thorough end of tenancy clean if you want to get your security deposit back. Our specialist end of tenancy cleaners in Essex have put together a list of areas worth paying special attention to.

Oven and extractor fan

As well as scrubbing out the inside and tackling any residue on the hob, it’s important to clean the extractor fan too. Grime can very quickly accumulate in the filter, and it can be fiddly to take everything apart and give it the thorough cleaning it needs.

Taps and tiles

Scrubbing away at tough limescale requires a lot of elbow grease and harsh cleaning products, often making it a fairly unpleasant job. When cleaning the bathroom, you’ll need to pay careful attention to the showerhead and grouting too.

Behind the fridge

As well as the places you can see, it’s important to clean hidden areas like behind the fridge. If you have a large, bulky refrigerator this can seem like a mammoth task, but the good news is that we include it in our end of tenancy cleaning service. We will also scrub out all your cupboards – another key area that people often forget!


However careful you are, the odd carpet stain here and there is inevitable. For a proper carpet clean, it’s worth hiring a carpet cleaning machine to do a thorough job. But, as we offer carpet cleaning as part of our end of tenancy cleaning service, why not let us save you the time, money and the hassle?

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