Can Harpic Be Used To Clean Floors

To answer your question quickly, yes it can be! But there is so much more to this than what meets the eye. So, let us explore exactly what Harpic bathroom cleaner can do. Bathrooms are a place no one wants dirty and in order to make it happen, people go to unimaginable lengths. We love cooking up remedies, whether they are our own or snatched from the internet, just to ensure our bathrooms give that tidy look. Often we end up failing at the task due to being overwhelmed with the latest trends of cleaning products so, here in this blog post, we are going to learn just how powerful Harpic bathroom cleaner is. After all, your bathroom floor is as important as any other floor in the house and needs a liquid cleaner that is perfect to clean bathroom tiles without damage.

Harpic bathroom cleaner is a strong and thick liquid formula for cleaning your bathroom. So, no need to panic over tough stains that you want to get rid of quickly, Harpic has got you covered! Whether you have greasy soil, dirty shower panels, ceramic surfaces, granite surfaces, sink areas, or particulate matter, Harpic bathroom cleaner is definitely the way to go. As you read further into today’s blog, you will understand why.

Here are all the things you need to know before using Harpic bathroom cleaner

The way you use this cleaning liquid depends on what you need to get done. There are different concentrations you have to make for different things in the bathroom for example for tiles, the sink, and the floor.

What To Use it On

The way you use the Harpic bathroom cleaner determines how well you will be able to do on different surfaces. The thick liquid formula is perfect for floor cleaning, on stainless steel surfaces, and acts as a tile cleaner as well.

How To clean bathroom floor tiles with Harpic bathroom cleaner

Cleaning the bathroom floor is one of the most important routines you carry out when cleaning the bathroom. After all, you don’t want your bathroom floor to be dirty all the time. we have a full guide for you to follow in order to make sure you use Harpic bathroom cleaner to the best of your abilities and make sure the bathroom floor looks brand new.

Everything You need to get started

Before we begin, it is important to have all the required things with you:

  • A sweeping brush/vacuum
  • A mop and bucket
  • Harpic bathroom cleaner

How to clean bathroom floor tiles

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you have your bathroom surfaces so shiny, you can see yourself in them!

  • Make sure your bathroom ventilates well and has proper exhausts before cleaning

  • Remove everything from the floor so you can easily access the entire floor area and hidden area

  • remove everything that is known to gather dust like storage boxes, dust bins, rugs, and toilet brushes

  • using the brush, make sure to remove all dust from the floor before you begin. If you have a vacuum cleaner, make sure there are no puddles of water on the floor

  • Make a strong-enough dilution of harpic and water and dip your mop in it

  • squeeze out the excess liquid and start mopping the floor

  • Make sure you start on the far end of the bathroom so you can work your way back, cleaning the bathroom surfaces easily without stepping on it

  • While cleaning, make sure you keep rinsing and rehydrating the mop with the dilution to keep it fresh and ready

  • Once all the bathroom tiles are clean and have gotten rid of all the tough stains, you can put the mop back into the bucket

By following the steps mentioned above, you can not only make sure your bathroom floor looks clean but also leave behind a pleasant smell that helps maintain a nice environment inside the bathroom. Harpic can be easily used on almost all bathroom surfaces and is by far the best solution to clean bathroom tiles. With such unbeatable cleaning, you can say goodbye to stubborn stains once and for all.

With some Harpic in just half a bucket of water, you can get rid of 99.9% of germs and have squeaky clean tiles in no time. It is, no doubt, one of the best strong bathroom disinfectants you will find and can clean your whole bathroom fast!

How to remove tough stains using Harpic bathroom cleaner

Use Harpic as a basin cleaner, floor cleaner, and a powerful bathroom disinfectant to get rid of hard spots and give your bathroom a sparkling clean shine. In order to clean tricky stains in the bathroom area, all you need is:

  • Harpic’s powerful cleaning agents

  • Half bucket water

  • A scouring sponge

Once you have all of these things ready, apply Harpic bathroom cleaner to the spotted surface directly and start scrubbing it gently with a sponge. Scrub in a circular motion to avoid leaving behind any scratch marks if the surface is sensitive. Rinse the spot with warm water and the spots will be clean in no time. A Harpic sponge rinse is what you need to get rid of some surface dust!


As you can see, the power of Harpic bathroom cleaner is undeniable. Great for removing unpleasant smells and regular cleaning in the bathroom. Harpic power is undeniable and now you can see it for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Harpic be used on floors?

Yes! Harpic can be used on the floor.

Can blue harpic be used on the floor?

Yes, blue Harpic can be used on floors as well.

Is it safe to clean the marble floor with Harpic?

Cleaning a marble floor using Harpic bathroom cleaner is not a problem at all. You can get started today!