Ironing Services Harlow


Fed up of Ironing?
Struggling to find the time?
Then why not let Blitz Cleaning Ironing Services Harlow take the hassle away?

In the times we live in, most of us have busy lifestyles, some of us trying to juggle home life, kids and work. With the little spare time you have, you may feel like there are better things to be doing than ironing.

Perhaps you’ve just had enough of the endless pile of clothes to be ironed. We can take the worry away, freeing up your time to get on with your day.

We will collect your items from your home and bring them back freshly ironed within 48 hours. Feel relieved to see your lovely crease free clothes looking refreshed. No more last minute ironing attempts before work when you realise that shirt or blouse you want to wear isn’t ironed.

Please take a look at our many happy customers reviews (Rated 4.9 stars out of 5) and photos of our oven cleaning services + more on our Facebook page.

Ironing Services Harlow Pricing
We offer 2 services:

CHOICE 1 £18 an hour

Hi let me tell you how we work we charge £18 per black sack containing around 20-25 mixed items this takes me around an hour to do if I do go over the hour the price does go up slightly. we are honest with my time keeping and have many happy customers that use choice one , we feel this is the best deal you will find , items can be hung or folded whichever suits you, free to check out our face book page blitz house and oven for over 250 customers reviews , we look forward to hearing from you , if you need collection and delivery we charge £5 each way

Thank you

Choice 2

Garments | Tops | Dresses | Shirts | Shorts | Skirts | Trousers | Jeans
£1 .50 per item for up to 15 items

£1.25 per item for 16 or more items

There is an additional charge of 10p per item for folding garments

Single @ £2

Double/Table Cloths @ £3.50

King @ £5.50

Super king and bigger ask for prices

If a customer would like there items hung they must provide the hangers or there is There is an additional charge of 20p per item to be folding