JLA Room Sanitizer

£16 Per Hour

We at Blitz cleaning are happy to announce the arrival of the new J.L.A room sanitizer. This innovative cleaning machine uses ozone gas which is the most powerful oxidizing agent permitted for use at this time in the United Kingdom. As an oxidizing agent it is fifty one percent stronger than chlorine and has a kill rate 3.125 times faster. It has the ability to oxidize organic material in bacterial membranes which weakens the cell wall and leads to the cell rupture causing immediate death of the cell. For this reason ozone is capable of destroying bacteria algae and bio filming with no risk to resistance build up or immunity. The room sanitizer uses a high concentration of ozone gas to fill an enclosed space in a short period of time disinfecting all areas of the room and equipment in it. Ozone has extensively been proven to combat bacteria, viruses, fungi spores and bio films. It is effective against MRSA, E- Coli, and salmonella, Coronavirus, C Difficile and the Norovirus. It is as effective at destroying germs as it is eliminating nasty odours.  The ozone leaves no nasty residue as it degrades back to oxygen.  The room sanitizer closely monitors the ozone levels in the space being sanitized and will continue to work until it has reached safe levels of ozone. Each cycle lasts forty five minutes. Once a room has been prepared to be sanitized and all windows and doors are closed to prevent any ozone escaping the room sanitizer is placed in the centre of the room with an electronic indicator being placed on the outside door handle to indicate the cycle progress making sure no one enters until the cycle is completed and reached safe ozone levels to enter. The room sanitizer is portable and light providing great advantages to being easy to manoeuvre into most indoor spaces.  A professional design with outstanding results which leaves sanitized spaces ready to use in only fifteen minutes after the cleaning cycle is completed. The room sanitizer offers peace of mind as contaminated surfaces make an important contribution to the transmission of certain pathogens with the room sanitizers oxidizing ozone process any micro-organisms will be eliminated leaving all surfaces residue free and ready to use. Only the room sanitizer can provide this comprehensive ability.  A track proven technology that gives a deep clean free from chemicals we at Blitz cleaning are happy to offer this service

Used in hospitals, vets, private homes. Newest and safest machine on the market