At Blitz Cleaning, we know that you want your home to look great from the outside as well as the inside. Our expert cleaners share their tips for giving your home maximum kerb appeal.

Give the front of your home a makeover

There are some simple and cost-effective ways to spruce up the front of your home, no matter the size of the space you’re working with. Whether you have a large paved driveway, or a cute little front garden, there are a few changes you can make to brighten the space and improve your kerb appeal.

As well as having good outside lighting for safety and practical reasons, you could add in some additional decorative lighting as well. You could use solar lanterns to light up your plants or line the path to your door. Fairy lights needn’t just be for Christmas – a tasteful string around your front door, or dotted in your hedges, will look lovely and welcoming.

By changing the colour of your front door, you could turn it into a real feature. From soft pastel colours, to more vibrant shades, there are plenty of options to suit the style of your home and give it a bit of wow factor.

Give things a good scrub!

As well as dressing it up, it’s also important to give the front of your home some TLC from time to time. Giving the front of your home a deep clean is a sure-fire way to make it look brighter and more inviting.

We offer Marshall accredited driveway cleaning, using specialist jet washing equipment and high-quality cleaning products to blast away built-up dirt, moss, and oil stains.

We can also clean your roof, windows, and gutters to leave the outside of your home looking spotless. You don’t want the first thing people notice about your home to be the smell of your wheelie bins, so we can even give those a good scrub for you as well!

Get the outside of your home looking fabulous

At Blitz Cleaning, we provide top-notch cleaning services across Essex. Our team of professional cleaners in Harlow can leave your home sparkling – inside and out! To give the outside of your home a refresh, contact us on 0800 1123337 for more information.