Can you use washing-up liquid to clean the floor?

This a simple question if you think about it but let us assure you, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Many think just getting a damp cloth and some dish soap would do the trick but there is more you need to learn. Especially when it comes to floors, you have to be extra cautious as you can easily end up ruining them beyond repair. And no one likes to get their wooden floors replaced just for trying to clean them. However, if used properly, washing up liquid break the stains and knocks them loose so you can clean the floor effectively.

In this blog, we will explore the power of washing up liquid like dish soap or other liquid solutions to clean floors, may they be wooden or ceramic. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide that you can easily follow to make sure your floors are clean. After all, a solution of liquid and hot water can do much more than you think. So, let’s get right into it without wasting any more time.

How To Clean Wooden Floors With Damp Cloth, Liquid, And Hot Water

Wooden floors can be sensitive as wood can swell up so you have to be very careful while working on it. Washing up liquid like dish soap can clean wooden floors effectively but you have to make sure you have an ample supply of things like paper towels, warm water, floor cleaner, a mop bucket, a spray bottle, dishwashing liquid, and bleach solution on deck. These things can come in handy at any time and it is better to have them on the ready.

Here’s what you do

  • Start by picking up and removing anything that is covering the floor like cat or dog beds, excess food, rugs, dust bins, and more.
  • Once these are out of the way, you will have open access to more of the hardwood floors.
  • If you have a dining table surrounded by chairs, turn them upside down and rest them atop the table so you can clean underneath properly.
  • Now that you have cleared the place, take some time to hoover the place and suck up any dirt you see. Take a mental picture of all the places you find extremely dirty with tough stains to treat later.

Mop floors

  • Grab your mop and bucket, and fill the bucket with warm water.
  • Once this is done, add a few drops more washing-up liquid to it, depending on the size of the floor.
  • Give the water some swish with your mop and make sure it is soapy and bubbly.
  • The warm water will start to break the soap and allow it to dissolve properly. Once this is done, wring your mop to the absolute max.
  • This is important as wooden floors don’t like water. So, keeping it to a minimum is your best move. And right after mopping, clearing the floor dry of water using paper towels is a nice move.
  • Use a sweeping motion with the mop and go over all areas to make sure you mop every single place. Get to mopping and make sure you leave nothing behind. You can turn the fan or exhaust on to help with drying up the floor as you clean.
  • As an alternative to washing up liquid, you can use dish soap as well for liquid washing.
  • Some hot running water to keep handy with you can also be of great help especially when you want to clean your mop after cleaning the floors.

For floors that require conditioning

Certain floors require cleanser specifically designed for them to clean them. This is called conditioning of the floor while mopping. You can find a lot of proper floor cleaners in the market that comes with conditioning for the floor. Some even have an amazing scent. All you have to do is treat it the same way you would treat any other floor as we discussed earlier. Just that after you are done cleaning, you can use fairy liquid and a microfibre cloth to clean the floor after. This will ensure it doesn’t get ruined.

So, you use washing up liquid normally but treat it with a conditioning solution later. This is a highly effective solution and works on most floors. You don’t leave streaks behind and you also are even able to get most bacteria off the floor. These specialist products coupled with washing up liquids or dish soap can do wonders for you. When you mop the floor following these solutions, you will have a streak-free finish.

Deep cleaning

Dish soap or washing-up liquid can be used for deep cleaning as well. Every 3 months, you would want to clean your floor thoroughly. This is called a deep clean. For this, you need the usual we discussed before. Now you will add a few drops of fairy coupled with dish soap or washing up liquid.

Now put on some rubber gloves and get a floor cleaning cloth. You need to get down on all fours and rub the floor by hand using your solution and cloth. This can hurt your knees so make sure you have a cloth underneath your knees to protect them. But once you are done, it is worth the trouble. Make sure you get every corner and clean it to perfection.

Ceramic tile floors

For ceramic tile floors, you will need a big bowl and add a capful of Zoflora into it. This is used to clean bathroom floors. This washing-up liquid is great as it can not only disinfect the ceramic tiles but also avoid cross-contamination.

Next, put your rubber gloves on and give the mixture a good swish with your hands. This will easily mix it up and allow for the soap to dissolve properly. Wring out the cloth once again as much as you can. There is a serious hazard of slipping that you need to avoid.

You can now start wiping the whole floor by squatting down and ensuring you get every spot. Once this is done, your ceramic floor will look good as new.

Now that we know all the things we can clean with washing up liquid, here are things you need to keep away from dish soap

  • Your hair
  • Leather fabrics
  • Silk fabrics
  • Sensitive fabric
  • Your pet
  • Plants
  • Other food
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Mirrors
  • Clean chopping boards


As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when cleaning the floor. Especially if it is a wooden floor. Washing up liquids and dish soap can be a great way to make sure you have the cleanest house. While cleaning is important, it is also crucial to know what you can’t clean with this solution and we mentioned all of those things above for you. Once you have the solution ready, you can start to mop. If you made it to the end of this blog, we believe you are more than ready to start taking care of your floors.

For further information, please visit the FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use fairy liquid to clean the floor?

Yes, you can use fairy liquid on its own as well as in combination with other washing-up liquids to clean your floor without any problems. You will have a nice-smelling floor that is also disinfected at the same time.

Can I use washing-up liquid to clean laminate flooring?

For general cleaning, you can use washing-up liquid to clean laminate flooring however, keep its use to a minimum. Make sure you dry the floor quickly after cleaning it. Don’t polish the floor in any way.

What can I use if I don’t have floor cleaner?

If you don’t have a floor cleaner, you can use washing-up liquids like dish soap mixed with hot water to clean the floors. They do an excellent job at it. Washing up liquid is the way to go.