Fascias and soffits protect your property where the roof meets the exterior wall, so keeping them in good condition is essential to prevent serious damage to your home. Although fascias and soffits are designed to provide long-lasting protection, a time will eventually come when you’ll need to consider fascia and soffit replacement. To help you identify when this needs to happen for your roofline, our experts at Blitz have put together a checklist that you can conveniently make use of.

damage to paintwork or wood

If you have traditional wooden fascias and soffits, you might notice soft or darkened patches on the wood, which means it is beginning to rot. If the wood is painted, this will appear cracked or flaky. Don’t be tempted to give it a layer of paint – this will only cover up an existing problem and lead to more expensive repairs further down the line.

cracks and broken sections

Cracks or broken sections in your fascias and soffits are a clear indication that you need to get them replaced as cracks tend to expand and deepen over time, creating structural issues and leak problems.

leaking or dampness

Water in your roof void can be a sign that your fascias and soffits need replacing. If the interior of your roof smells or feels damp, or you’re likely leaking through your ceiling. At this point it’s time to bring in the professionals.


If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it’s a good idea to carry out some further investigations. What may seem like a minor issue, if left untreated, can quickly become a more serious structural problem. Particularly where water’s concerned, your home should be as protected as possible.


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