When was the last time you cleaned your oven? Is it something you do regularly, or leave until you can leave it no longer? The likelihood is you fall somewhere on this spectrum, much like everyone else – but those that play the long game risk playing with fire (quite literally) in the meantime.

Many people don’t think twice about the black, caked on mess in their oven – yes it might smell slightly, but is this enough to spur them into action? The points below demonstrate that it should do.


Baked on food is a fire hazard and can affect your oven’s performance over time

Baked on food is a fire risk, and in fact, 50% of all accidental, domestic fires start in the kitchen. As the food is cooked repeatedly, it can easily ignite and start a blaze.

Not only this, because the food is cooked over and over again, it can start to emit carbon monoxide fumes – as well as other nasty chemicals such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

These fumes can seep into your oven baked goods, and out into the house as a whole. Carbon monoxide can be fatal in large amounts, so it is vital to stay on top of any build up.

While less obvious, continued buildup of dirt, grease and grime in your oven can lead to the performance worsening over time.

If this goes unnoticed, you could begin to eat your meals under-cooked, increasing your risk of food poisoning.

Using bigger trays to catch food splatters, covering meats and draining oily dishes during the cooking process can reduce the amount of damage your oven takes – but there is no replacement for a thorough clean.


How we can help

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