Following the success of our Why is a dirty oven bad for your health? and 3 Reasons to get your Oven Professionally Cleaned blog posts, we wanted to provide you with a 2022 update on why you should let Blitz professionally clean your oven.

Thwarting a potential fire hazard

The build-up of food or grease can stick to all areas inside your oven, including hot plates, grills and metal trays. This residue can lead to smoke or (if continually left unmoved) can result in a fire. Although oven fires are typically small, the costs associated with the fire and smoke damage can be extortionate, especially when you factor in:

  • Extinguishing the fire:
  • Cleaning up, and
  • Replacing lost or damaged possessions.

Regular oven cleaning can thwart this potential fire hazard.

Preventing health-affecting bacteria

Keeping your oven clean and germ-free is an easy way to prevent your household from illnesses caused by bacterial infections such as salmonella and E. coli (particularly if you’re an avid reheater of food).

Cost-effective and efficient

If your oven has too much grease or grime, it will operate at lower efficiency; it will take longer to warm up and reach the necessary heat, resulting in your food cooking at a slower rate. Over time this will affect your monthly expenditure, not to mention increasing the likelihood of needing to repair or even replace your oven. It therefore makes more sense to invest in periodic maintenance of your oven to ensure its proper functionality.

Ensuring a deep oven clean

Whilst there are home cleaning solutions and how-to guides supporting how you can clean your own oven, the chances are that your results will be limited to what you can see on the surface. Even if you have managed to remove top level grime and grease, there still may be deeper cleaning issues such as carbon deposits or filter dirt, which can adversely affect the performance of your oven.

Book a professional oven cleaning service in Essex

At Blitz, we offer professional, fume-free deep oven cleaning services across Essex. We are vastly experienced and reliable, and our services allow use of your oven immediately after the cleaning process. Contact us on 0800 1123337 for more information!