Why you should call in Blitz this Autumn

As your local comprehensive property maintenance service, we have a plethora of skilled team members who can solve pretty much any residential issue you may come across.

However, as autumn arrives, there are some of our services that may be of more relevance to you – due to the specific conditions at this time of year, and the need to prepare your property for the harsh elements of winter.

Some jobs are much better to get done before the weather deteriorates too far – that’s why we’re providing a list of our most relevant services, that’ll make solving your most pertinent issues just that bit quicker – or even remind you of things that you’ve missed.


If you were to take a look at your gutters right now, they’re probably a sorry sight – unless you’ve recently called us in, of course!

After a relatively wet summer with high winds, followed by our typical autumnal weather, the likelihood is that leaves are the first thing you’ll notice, but definitely not the last. Dirt, mud, sticks, moss, bird feathers and much more, find their way into your guttering system and decrease its durability and performance. The longer you leave it there, the more time it has to break down into sludge that could cause even more damage.

Call in Blitz and by the time you’re back from the shops, you could have good-as-new guttering that’ll serve you perfectly through the cold half of the year.


While we’re up there cleaning your gutters, we might as well take a look at your roofing – the chances are if the gutters need doing, so does the roof.

The roof is your first defence against the elements, meaning it’s absolutely essential to make sure it’s watertight in all places – not only could a leak cause the elements to breach your home, but it could encourage the formation of damp and mold by sending currents of warm air up to the roof.

A great way of nipping any threat to your roof’s integrity is by having it cleaned. Our bespoke roof cleaning services would ensure that there is no excess dirt and foliage that could potentially cause a risk, meaning you can stay warm and dry under your own roof.


While it may seem like the season for gardening has passed, putting work into it now will ensure that once the spring rolls around, your garden is ready to explode into life. There isn’t a garden task that our friendly and dedicated team aren’t prepared for, including grass cutting, pruning, lawn care, raking leaves and a general tidy up.

There’s real potential for a garden to accumulate mess over the colder months, as it’s battered by the elements – make sure you, your home-grown produce and local wildlife are ready for the change.


This is but a slim selection of our home maintenance services – if you have any other residential needs, be sure to check out our website for a full comprehensive guide to our services. To chat to us about your unique requirements, give us a call on 0800 112 3337.